5 Hints About How to Get Into That Crazy Mensa Organization

Mensa is super-famous around the world, and we’ve all heard the little anecdotes about which celebrities belong to it, and what the meetings consist of. Nearly everyone seems to know the name ‘Mensa’, but do we really know how it works?

Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about Mensa and its famous tests.

#5: There is No Real ‘Mensa Test’, Per Se.

Although many people think Mensa administers its own, special tests, they actually rely on nothing more than the standard IQ tests, which can be taken at any number of places around the world (and online, too). In fact, this was one of the founding tenants of Mensa — it admits membership specifically based on a standardized test.

#4: It Really Depends on How You Do on a Particular Test.

Thanks to the fact that there are multiple ‘standardized’ IQ tests out there, Mensa has come up with a magical little scale to judge them by, and it varies for each test. So hey, quit sweating there, bud — just ’cause you did awfully on that one IQ test the mean old man gave you, doesn’t mean you’re out of Mensa, like, forever.

#3: Mensa — We Swear, No Politics Here.

It might be fun to debate the virtues of invisible-hand free market capitalism with someone else whose IQ is 160 and who can argue circles around your feeble brain while he sleeps, but Mensa’s founder wisely forecasted the distinct lack of fun most people would read in this kind of proposition. As such, Mensa was founded and remains a specifically apolitical organization for smart folk.

#2: It Hasn’t Really Lived Up to Its Founding Intentions.

One of the problems about being apolitical is that you can’t really go about ‘saving the world’ or ‘solving the world’s problems’ without stepping on a few toes — usually political ones, too. So even though the founder of Mensa was actually disappointed that all of its members tend to “sit around doing puzzles”, there’s not really much else they can do without venturing outside of its limits.

#1: There are Little Babies Smarter than You.

If Mensa’s admission requirements are to be trusted, it looks like they have a couple of members who are exactly the age of two. Now don’t ask us how a small child (a baby, almost) might be able to score high enough on an IQ test to get into Mensa, when we’ve struggled our whole life just to get a letter in the mailbox, but it happened. How about if the parents have low IQs? Do their kids laugh at them secretly?

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