Learning to Speed Read

If reading has always been tedious and difficult for you, or just a requirement in order to gain necessary knowledge, you are not alone. Many consider reading a chore rather than an enjoyable experience, and read only when necessary to achieve a particular goal. By learning to speed read you will discover a whole new world of reading pleasure. Reading will become almost effortless.

Skimming through pages at remarkable speed while comprehending and retaining everything you are reading will become second nature to you. A good speed reading course will teach you the skills that speed readers use to increase their speed while still retaining and understanding the material they are reading.

Once you learn the techniques necessary to become a speed reader your reading rate and comprehension will rapidly leap ahead. If you conscientiously practice these techniques you will soon be reading faster than you ever thought possible while still retaining the subject matter which you are reading. It doesn’t take long to increase your speed and retain what your reading if you know how to do it.

A researcher and school teacher by the name of Evelyn Wood was the first person to develop a technique for reading faster. Originally she called it the “Wood Method” which was later renamed “Reading Dynamics”. In 1958 she coined the term “Speed Reading”.

Hundreds of books, speed reading courses, tapes, CD’s and now even software programs have been written and developed since then. If you were to gather up all these programs and books you would discover most of them are based on the same premise.

Speed reading is not magic, nor is it a gift that only some people posses. It is a series of techniques and skills that anyone can learn. By reading one of the many books written about speed reading you will learn these speed reading techniques and skills, and with a little practice can easily become an accomplished speed reader.

Most of today’s speed reading programs are filled with dozens of examples, testimonials, excerpts from recommended reading material, so called highly protected secrets, and other such page filling material. Actually, a condensed easy to learn basic course in speed reading is all that is necessary to learn how to read faster, and will teach you the basic knowledge necessary to quickly and easily learn the techniques of speed reading.

Reading faster is only part of what you need to learn if you’re to become a speed reader however.
Reading through a book or an article and not remembering what you just read accomplishes nothing. You must also learn how to read better. A speed reading program will teach you how to read better as you learn to read faster, so you will comprehend and remember what you are reading.

These techniques are not difficult. They are time tested and proven to work for anybody who
will put forth the dedication to learn and practice them. Practice is the key to becoming a speed reader. Repeating the lessons learned will help you increase your speed each time you read. You must dedicate yourself to practicing each lesson repeatedly until you feel comfortable that you understand and can accomplish the technique.

Soon the skills you are learning will become a part of your every day routine, and you will be thrilled with how fast you can read while still comprehending and retaining what you are reading.

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