Speed Reading Tips – I Wish I Learned That Years Ago

If you are a student imagine how great it would be to complete your homework in half the amount of time it takes now. Learning the top speed reading tips will have you achieving this in a short period of time. Workers can implement speed reading methods and increase their productivity. Implementing speed reading techniques will benefit anyone who wishes to read faster.

One essential speed reading tip is to read large portions of words at a time, not individual words. Reading each individual word is equivalent to natural speaking. This is reading at a third grade level. We think faster than we speak. Use this tip and you will immediately increase your reading speed.

This speed reading tip is directly related to the previous tip. Many people read out loud. Others mouth the words as they read. If you are doing this it is slowing down your reading, because every single word is being read. Eliminate this habit and concentrate on reading a line at a time and you will see an increase in your reading speed.

If you really want to learn to speed read then you need to know if you are making progress or not. A simple speed reading tip is to time your reading sessions. If you are reading more in the allotted time you are progressing. In addition, software can be used to time your reading, and it will set targets that you must meet. Implementing this strategy will have a positive impact on your reading speed.

Most people do not think about it, but poor vision is a major cause of slow reading. This important speed reading tip is for you to set an eye exam appointment now. If you are having difficulty seeing a written page, then it is impossible for you to read it fast.

It is quite possible this speed reading tip is the most important one. Take your hand and imagine you are underlining each line as you read across the page. This will align your eyes with your hand as a guide to read entire lines, not words. Perfect this technique and you will speed up reading.

Some people have a habit of stopping and rereading a word, or paragraph. A speed reading tip worth considering is to read everything once. Practice this and you will not only increase the speed of your reading, but your comprehension level will improve too. One way you can achieve this is to cover everything you have read with a piece of paper. This will force you to quicken your reading pace.

In simpler terms, most of the best speed reading tips are related to each other. Reading a line at a time or at least several words at a time should be your goal. Consider setting up a timer, and push yourself to become faster. Naturally, poor eye sight will slow you down. If you need to get your eyes checked do so as soon as possible. Use your hand as an aide to reading lines at a time. Follow the speed reading tips and you will be amazed at how fast your reading will become.

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