Things You Did Not Know About Speed Reading Exercises

Speed reading exercises aim to increase the rate of reading without affecting retention or comprehension of the text. There are many different methods for speed reading but the essential is that they all focus on a balance between speed and comprehension. Another thing; they all necessitate a certain amount of practice.

There exists a few different ways to speed read like not pronouncing all of the words, speeding up word recognition so that focus on every individual letter is not necessary and generally scanning over the text. Different ways will come naturally to different people and these will reveal themselves with time and practice. As a general idea, getting your eyes to accelerate their movement and speeding up word recognition.

Skimming through the text is a method a reader uses to scan across a text for a general idea of the essence of the article. In the case of informational texts that are very dense, this is not necessarily the best method to use because comprehension tends to be less. Of course, this is a good method for a brief idea of the text and understanding its general meaning.

Meta guiding is another way of speed reading and may be the most popular to speed up your reading process. In meta guiding, the reader has to guide the eyes along the lines of text by following a pointer in the form of a pen or a finger. This following forces the eyes to speed up and discourages subvocalization.

There is a basic speed reading exercise associated with this method that consists of pacing yourself with your finger and going through a text while accelerating the speed at which you’d normally read across a line. The reader should gradually accelerate the movement of the finger and force the eyes to distinguish words quickly and increase the speed at which one reads.

A second exercise one may want to try when attempting to learn speed reading skills is to skim over the text and search for key words relating to the meaning of each sentence. This pertains to block reading and can easily be replicated in other more complex exercises.

The third exercise demands some additional setup time and small cards are necessary. The cards themselves need to have a few words written on each of them; blocks, phrases or pieces of sentences. In practicality will be to read the words on the index cards instead of reading a full text. During a few minutes, the reader must flip the cards and try to recognize the words written on each card. This will work on recognizing words to try to accelerate the process of recognizing a block of words.

All speed reading exercises require a certain time investment in order to be effective. It is generally a good idea to be well rested to have the best possible level of concentration while doing these exercises. It will take time and effective practice before a reader can see results. It is possible to read really fast and still achieve a good retention and comprehension rate.

Speed reading is a great skill to have in the academic and professional worlds. It is rather easy to learn this skill and doesn’t require a financial investment. All that is necessary are speed reading exercises, a little patience and some determination.

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