The Easiest Speed Reading Tips

Learning how to speed read has many benefits. If you are a student speed reading will allow you to study more and do it faster. Imagine completing your homework in half the time. In the workplace speed reading will make you more efficient and a more productive worker. This is more important than ever in the current economic climate. Embrace the best speed reading tips you will soon be reading faster than you ever thought possible.

One essential speed reading tip is to read large portions of words at a time, not individual words. Reading each individual word is equivalent to natural speaking. This is reading at a third grade level. We think faster than we speak. Use this tip and you will immediately increase your reading speed.

A reading tip that goes hand in hand with the one just mentioned is; do not move your lips when reading. Some people tend to either mouth each word, or actually speak every word. Breaking this habit and reading several words at time will speed your reading up.

Making progress when you begin speed reading is important if you take it seriously. This tip is to time your reading. Reading less in a set period of time shows you are growing. Another technique is to use software that times your reading, and sets goals. This will prompt you to acquire a quicker reading pace.

Most people do not think about it, but poor vision is a major cause of slow reading. This important speed reading tip is for you to set an eye exam appointment now. If you are having difficulty seeing a written page, then it is impossible for you to read it fast.

Perhaps the most useful speed reading tip is to use your hand as a guide as you read. Simply move your hand down the page as you read each line. This will force your eyes to read lines instead of just words. You start at the top of the page and pretend you are underlining each line. Progress down the page and you will be surprised on how fast you are reading books.

Re-reading what you have already read is a sure-fire way to slow down your reading. One method to eliminate this practice is to take an index card and cover up everything that you have just read. This action will literally force your reading speed to increase.

In simpler terms, most of the best speed reading tips are related to each other. Reading a line at a time or at least several words at a time should be your goal. Consider setting up a timer, and push yourself to become faster. Naturally, poor eye sight will slow you down. If you need to get your eyes checked do so as soon as possible. Use your hand as an aide to reading lines at a time. Follow the speed reading tips and you will be amazed at how fast your reading will become.

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